Due to COVID-19 all international summer missions are canceled.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Operations Tracks


Using your gifts in finance and accounting to serve the 20,000 staff serving in the global ministry. It is through the finance ministry that projects have money to operate and that staff receive their paychecks. The finance ministry helps ensure integrity and good stewardship of the financial resources God has given.

Conferences and Events

Conferences are times that our ministry is truly lived out. In these designated times and moments, we take the opportunity to give a visual representation of the pieces we pray for. The ministry of conferences and events is simply to bring a vision to life, thereby changing the way participants live their life.

Graphic Design

Effective communication goes beyond a good idea or words on a page. Graphic designers take imagination and creativity to package the message of our ministry in a visually pleasing way. Christ centered design helps reach people, make sure the gospel is understood, and impact lives with the love of Christ.

Web Design

Modern day life is spent digitally. We can achieve nearly all of our tasks without moving from our bed. Our lives are often spent using a digital interface, and our ministry has to continue to serve this ever changing lifestyle. Web Design serves to keep our ministry in touch with those we are attempting to reach. With a dedicated Web Design team, we open our capacity to reach many more than we would ever meet meet in person.


Optics are everything. How we are seen and our reputation can either enable or prevent the gospel from being shared with those who are in most need. The marketing ministry promotes and facilitates our ability to adequately represent our organization to those who we are trying to witness to in a manner that is sensitive, relative and opens the door to gospel conversations. 


Digital video platforms offer millions of hours of content due to their drastic draw and reach of the global population. Videography ministries produce resources to engage with and train ministry audiences and staff, all in an easily accessible and appealing format. This ministry moves the conversation further along in a fun and engaging way.


Photos have never been easier to take than now.  Practically everyone has an effective camera in their pocket. However, taking a good photo has so much more behind it. It requires patience and passion, as well as the technical knowledge and confidence of how to focus on the story you are trying to tell.


Truly an all encompassing piece of our lives; communications serves the role of making sure we are not only talking, but are being heard. Their ministry is to make sure that our vision is being lived out in our words. In many ways, communications is the ministry’s “North Arrow”.

Statistical Analysis

Globally, we serve so many different people who are in so many different places in their spiritual journeys. Due to this, we need to have an accurate way of understanding how our methods are working globally and to offer a real time report to our ministry leaders to make decisions to reach the needs of their local ministry context. This ministry aims to utilize tools to interpret, simplify and explain the information leaders need to see as well as to highlight potential oddities in trends that can be found.

Technology Strategist

Technology is the wave of the future, at least that is what they were saying 25 years ago. We are living that future, today. As technology continues to advance, our need to plan how we use technology to help men and women know Christ has grown exponentially. This role will take the time to think about digital security in keeping our ministries safe from those who want to harm, what tools offer us the greatest capacity to serve our locations well, and what tools are needed for staff to live out their staff lives.

Technology Implementation

The lag time from deciding upon tools that will be beneficial to the global ministries and when the field staff are actually using them can be quite long. This ministry is to help connect the tools to the staff experience. The goal is to answer the “What is the most effective use of this?” question. In many ways, this role is built to enable our staff to use the tools that will benefit more people hearing about Jesus.