Due to COVID-19 all international summer missions are canceled.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon acceptance to the Summer Mission, you will receive resources and training from Cru in raising your support to cover the financial costs of the summer. The most important part of support raising is that you’re trusting God to provide your support, while being responsible to take the necessary steps of faith He is asking you to take.

The financial support covers your travel, housing, development materials, Summer Mission event costs, and the Mission overhead costs. Note: Visa fees are not included in this total. If you are from a country that requires a Schengen Visa for travel to France, the €60 or $70 fee will need to be covered by you personally.

No. This is a non-paying internship. However, many students are able to gain internship credit through their university. Student interns seeking credit are responsible for confirming with their specific university program that the internship will qualify and that requirements are met.

Due to the nature of the summer mission and the short duration for an international program, we, unfortunately, cannot allow for late arrivals or early departures.

Absolutely! This summer mission is built upon you serving in the skills that you are blessed with and have been developing in your studies. We cannot guarantee that all tracks will have enough applicants for the summer mission, but we encourage everyone to indicate their desired department.

If your specific track does not receive enough applicants, we will adjust your acceptance to your second option. If neither of your two track options receive enough participants, then we will admit your Summer Mission application to immediately be forwarded to your next Summer Mission preference on your application.

Being in Paris for the summer, we know that your family or friends may want to come visit you. However, we have discovered in the past that family/friend visits have greatly distracted students and hurt the Summer Mission as a whole. Summer Mission activities cannot be missed over the summer. Thus, after mission activities, you will have little to no time to spend with your family if they were to visit. Therefore, we highly discourage family or friends from visiting you over the Summer Mission.

Absolutely. There could be added difficulty and expense based on visas. Please do not let this stop you from applying. Feel free to contact any of the directors and we will help you with your added visa applications.

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